Welcome it is 1 to the job placement office of th

A super short story.

Setsuko Ogasawara (28) and the daughter Yukiko (3) were murdered. Rape is fatal, and it is robbery and murder. A principal offender Yakushima Haruo (32).

A friend has Takashi Sado (41) and Yoshiki Miyake (27). All three of them avoid death penalty; and called the imprisonment for life was sentenced.

Three people are the crime friends who got to know through a net called "the job placement office of the darkness".

On the day of the first meeting, three people killed two people cruelly. By a crime, I enjoyed murder. A color of the reflection is never felt.

Sado was taken to prison A. However, I quarrelled with a person of confinement of the newcomer, and it was inflicted a serious wound.

In addition, in prison B, it was picked a quarrel with a person of confinement of the new face, and Miyake suffered a serious wound, too.

A man called 八丈宏 (30) entered prison C that Yakushima was confined in prison.

Penal servitude six months. With net cafe refugees, I seem to have been arrested for theft.

Hachijo made friends with Oki Hiroto (57) of the condemned criminal there.

However, for Yaku, I picked a fight so as to be abnormal. I hit the quarrel.

Tanegashima (27) of the correction officer sat on doubt in identity of Hachijo. I had the police examine it some other time.

At such time, father of Yaku died of a traffic accident. It is hit-and-run. Mother was attacked for the return middle by robbery and suffered a serious wound.

Yaku cannot attend at a funeral of father. I cannot go for a visit of mother. I regretted oneself who was behind bars.

The investigation of the police advanced. One 3,000,000 yen in total were transferred to both Sado and Miyake by an account of Hachijo.

The man whom I pulled father of Yaku, and made an escape was arrested. The man who attacked mother was arrested.

With two people, 3,000,000 yen were transferred from Hachijo. It is murder by contract.

Optionally, there were eight contractors. It is the people whom it did not send to the objective prison.

Neither the police nor a public prosecutor nor the lawyer was able to see through identity of Hachijo. It is a big mistake.

The real name of Hachijo Tetsuya Ogasawara (34). It is a husband of Setsuko murdered in Yaku.

I entered this prison to kill Yaku. It is revenge. Only it is the present definite aim.

● Welcome it is 2 to the job placement office of the darkness

Through "the job placement office of the darkness" of the net, I employed several killers.

It is all, an extremely common private citizen. The fund sold home and allotted the retirement bonus.

In addition, I seem to have worked it out with death benefit of Setsuko. In the deficit, I borrowed it from money of darkness.

Ogasawara was replaced with a man called Hachijo of net cafe refugees.

The social position changed the identity entirely, too. About Yaku, I seem to have wanted to judge it by one's hand.

Ogasawara confronted Yaku for a break. Ogasawara put it into practice of the killing.

But it has been prevented by Tanegashima of the correction officer before doing it to beat Yaku to death.

Ogasawara has been sent back to another prison by this. It is attempted murder. The plan of Ogasawara ended in failure.

フフフ. Yaku which had a narrow escape triumphed. I made demonstration of an inappropriate smile in Ogasawara.

It was used to fire you with a retractable knife in Oki, and, at such one day, a workshop, Yaku has been killed.

Oki is condemned criminal だ, the life that are not long. Even if do anything; 勝 ってだ.

In such Oki, the execution was hastened and has entered the death penalty stand.

When Ogasawara was not able to suppress Yaku directly, Oki prepared, and it was depended it was replaced, and to murder you. Therefore Ogasawara approached Oki.

Ogasawara exchanged an employment agreement when I transferred 5,000,000 yen to an account for a family of Oki if I consented for practice.

It was the promise of the man. It was mother of Setsuko to have transferred.

The job placement office of the darkness that is digital without the interview. After all, as for the last, the analog that a direct interview is possible-type job placement office seems to be certain.

As far as there are supply and demand as far as there are a PC and a mobile telephone even if the job placement office of the darkness is closed by the police; will not need to disappear eternally.

I click it somewhere and click it today.
But the revenge is not yet over. Sado and Miyake still live.

Setsuko managed to raise a last fund and asked the yakuza who established the job placement office of the darkness for killing.

The end.






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